Textile Gifting Pedagogies

Weaving pedagogies attempt to create and cultivate a space for gifting intersections. In this space, the acts of taking care of/for wool and collectively weaving are the medium for slow, careful and difficult ancestral regeneration and recuparation. Through carding, spinning, holding the wool, knitting and weaving, we insist on attending to the pedagogical tangible and intangible intergenerational intersections. Elderly hands mingle with the hands of women; women’ hands hold and give guidance to girls’ hands. Girls’ hands attune with the movements, the sensorial, the gifting and the laughter of collective weaving. It is as if a river of gestures passes and receives living memory. This living memory emerges in the labour of and encounters between women, hands and wool, helping to recuperate and regenerate weaving knowledges by reinventing and reimagining.